Thursday, August 2, 2012

7/30/12-8/1/12 - Hitting the Ground Running

There is no rest for the weary. My amazing trip to Virginia kinda wore me out. Monday I had to get up at 3:30 am to get to the airport. I managed to sleep some on the plane, and then a little more in the gate at O'Hare. Then guess what? My flight got delayed again! Not too bad this time. I was back in LA by 1 pm, and Rickett was kind enough to drop everything and come pick me up at the airport. We had some Thai food and caught up, and then I crashed the F out on my couch. I had Sunken Ships practice at 8:30, not to mention other things I needed to do - like shower - so I couldn't sleep for long. So sad. I really could have slept from 4pm on through the night. But we had a great practice! So it was worth the effort.

Alex came over after work, but I was so tired, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep immediately after his arrival.

Tuesday morning I had my on-camera interview for the cooking show. Did I not mention I got a call-back? I got a call-back. I think I did okay, but immediately after leaving the room I kept thinking of more interesting answers to the questions. Oh well. At least I picked a cute outfit.

I spent the rest of the day getting myself together. Grocery store, tidying up, etc. I played my guitar a bunch, and then I had to take another nap. I'm so jetlagged! More after the jump!

\Sunken Ships show at 8, so again I had to haul myself off the couch, and try to wake up my brain. I managed somehow, and we played a great show. It was really exciting to play the Echoplex. Even though the crowd was small, all 20 people in that room were watching and listening and diggin' it.

Bless the iPhone

The bands after us were really good. I only stuck around long enough to see King Washington and Lover's Drug, but they were awesome. I was home by 10:30. Alex didn't get there until 11:45, and again I fell asleep immediately. Jet lag's a bitch.

Wednesday morning held a dentist appointment, a little too early. I'm happy to report my teeth are A-OK.

I spent the rest of the day blogging, unpacking, cleaning (yuck), and playing guitar. I got a phone call from my Aunt Jan, which was a lovely surprise.

For lunch I took a second pass at peach gazpacho. The last time I made it, it was good, but I was a little bummed out by how much the balsamic vinegar discolored the whole thing. Also, I had really wanted to add fresh basil, but last time I didn't have any. This time, however, I had four different kinds of basil, plus some delicious pepperoncinis (I think), courtesy of my mother's garden.

I'm desperately trying to get these bad boys to root!

I went kind of minimal this time. It was literally just:

3 blanched peaches
1 pepper
a slice of onion
a slice off a clove of elephant garlic
a palmful of lemon basil
avocado for garnish

I talked to my mom for a little while, then I went to Kerrie and Jana's yoga night, which is always so wonderful. I love those girls. The class was just about the perfect intensity for me, and I felt good about how much I've improved since the last time I came to yoga night. Thank you, Tony Giuliano! Honestly, I'm just stoked about getting through all the vinyasas without my arms giving out. As always, the payoff was wine and snacks and good company afterwards. Jana's egg squares never disappoint, and the Lambrusco really hit the spot. Also, wasabi gouda cheese. Check it out. Serious yummers!

I got home around 10, and then guess what I did? Yep. I passed out.

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