Sunday, August 19, 2012

8/15/12 - My Back Hurts, but My Heart is Happy

Tuesday night marked the successful completion of my first episode of multi-camera sitcom work. I am pleased to report that I didn't screw it up. It was a busy episode with lots of (crying) babies. Another couple episodes, and I think I'll have a handle on this whole sitcom thing. An added bonus: the stages are air-conditioned, so I've been spared from the heat. Down-side: I've been eating too much crappy food! I ate Peeps, people. Peeps! And Abba Zabbas. I couldn't even tell you the last time I ate candy. What is the matter with me? Damn, it feels good to get a paycheck though.

The other big news since I last blogged is The Picture and the Frame have been in the studio with Raymond Richards: badass producer and awesome guy. He's played with and produced some amazing local bands, including Local Natives, and now he's producing our record. We tracked on Saturday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and heard a mix of "Are You Really (Gonna Be Mine)" today. It sounds so rad. I can't wait for you all to hear it!

More pictures after the jump.

Rickett rockin' the shaker

Sadie wants in

Singing to Sputnik

Phillip Caldwell droppin' some saxiness

Raymond and his little girl

By now, I'm 99.99% sure I didn't get cast for "The Taste," and I'm actually relieved. The application process was fun, and it was cool to get a call-back, but in my heart I knew I didn't really want to be on TV. The more I thought about it after applying, (and the more "Project Runway" I watched) the more I realized I don't want to let a team of producers stress me out and pit me against other people for America's entertainment. What I actually wanted out of it - a cooking show with a youthful DIY spirit - is something I can do myself for the web. And the beautiful thing about doing it myself, is I can call the shots. It would have been nice to maybe get some exposure for the band out of it, but I think I'd rather find my own way with that too. Or at least, more respectable avenues.

Thursday night, we played a show with a band called Owls, who are awesome. Trumpet AND trombone! I guy came up to me at the bar after we played and said, "Four strings. No mercy." I like it. It felt pretty badass to go straight from a recording session to a show. Of course, it felt not that awesome to have to get home by midnight because I had to work at 7 am. Oh well.

So that's what's up, going into the weekend.

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