Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today I woke up not very early. I wanted to eat breakfast, but Alex is a dude and had nothing in the fridge but potatoes and a few things that were way past their expiration date. We walked to Trader Joe's and bought a few things, which I then whipped up into a delicious breakfast (or really brunch). Home fries with 3 colors of potato, orange bell pepper, and garlic. Egg white omelet with dino kale and some kind of tasty cheese. Gluten-free toast with olive oil. By now it's past noon, so we head to Glendale to see Jessie and Drew and their new baby, Greyson. Alex was excited to meet the little fella. We passed a pleasant afternoon in which the infant in question did lots of cute things including a fair amount of (adorable) farting.

On the way home, the unthinkable happened: I got a call for work! In light of this development, I decided it was about time I replaced the Leatherman I lost months ago. Then my voice teacher called to say she'd had a cancellation, so I could make up the lesson I missed on Saturday (because the band was in the studio!) this evening. Score! So I played guitar and drank Throat Coat until time for my lesson. After my lesson, I came home and made dinner - Red chard with tomatoes and goat cheese over wild rice. You'll never guess what I did then. I messed around on Facebook. And started a blog.

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