Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I woke up a little too late to go to the Farmer's Market, but I guess I didn't really need anything anyway. I had some breakfast and wrote my blog for Saturday, then I went to band practice at noon. We had a nice low-key session. We worked on a new song, which I'm very excited about! After practice I was all jazzed to do something fun, since I spent Saturday working, but it seemed like everyone I talked to was too hung over to do anything. No fair! I didn't even get to be part of the drunkenness, but I suffer just the same. I missed yoga for the day so I paced around like an angry panther for a few minutes fuming about how here it was, a gorgeous day, and I couldn't even enjoy it because everyone I know was nursing a hangover. Then I got over it. There was, of course, plenty to do. It was just all stuff I've been putting off because it's not fun. But now the slipcover has been put back on my couch, my duvet cover is back on the duvet, and my bass has lovely new flat-wound strings on it. It was around this time that Alex texted me, inquiring if I might like to take a walk around the reservoir (apparently after a miraculous recovery). We had a nice walk, after which we lay on a blanket in the Silverlake Meadow and drank wine out of plastic cups as the sun went down.

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