Friday, June 29, 2012

6/28/12 - A Thursday

I've been sleeping in a bit too much, I've noticed. I've got to quit doing that. It kills my productivity, or at least it decreases the level of structure in my life.  Anyway, I got up and had some tea. Alex did the dishes from the night before, bless him. I wrote a blog entry, and did all the other silly little things I do on the internet. I went to see Jessie and Greyson, picking lunch up on the way. I was winging it, but I just had a craving for burgers, so I settled on The Habit. I must say, it really hit the spot. I was surprised how good it was considering the low cost, and vice versa. Jess, despite our best efforts, didn't get to eat her's until it was stone cold, between the baby's demands to be fed, and testing her blood sugar. Ah, the joys of motherhood. Still, she seems to be handling it like a champ, even now that Drew's back to work. And that baby is cuuuuuute! He was much more alert this time, looking around wide-eyed at everything. I hung out for a while, which was great. Jess and I get so little one-on-one time. Greyson was surprisingly obliging on that count!

I decided I might as well go to yoga class, after which I went home and ate...and ate...and ate some more. All that harmonious energy flow made me hungry! I had a fantastic salad with mini heirloom tomatoes, wild rice, nectarine, and avocado. Pretty tasty, but the piggie in my tummy was still hungry. So I had the leftover beans from the night before with some more wild rice. You'd think I'd be full by then, but I had a chocolate chip peanut Larabar for good measure. And I'm such a fat-ass, that the whole time I was eating, I was sitting at the computer looking up recipes for gluten-free cherry clafoutis. Which is going to be amazing, by the way.   Apparently, the traditional way to make it is to leave the pits in, and I must say I'm quite tempted to go that route, if only to save the labor of pitting the cherries. Still, the idea of having to spit out pits from a baked dessert doesn't really appeal to me. Still mulling it over. That, and the apricot pie. I need to find some people to feed this to!

The nice thing about having two shows in a week is that you already have your gear packed up for the second one. So I was able to just put on a dress, and take off to our show at Taix. Fortunately, the scheduling snafu that threatened to have six bands showing up with only 3 time-slots, seems to have been resolved. I got there a bit early to hang out with Helene and Franco, who I hadn't seen in way too long. It was lovely chatting with them. All chatting was halted by a rockin' set from Blackwater Jukebox. Loved it! It was a mix of bluegrass, rock, and the band from the cantina on Tatooine, delivered with boatloads of charm from singer, Geordie McElroy. There was a bassoon in the band, y'all! Awesome.

We set up as quickly as possible to try and maintain the energy flow. It went pretty well. We lost a few people, which I guess is to be expected when it's after midnight on a weekday. But a decent crowd remained, and we were pretty well received. We're getting much tighter. That much I can say for sure. Now if I could just sell some t-shirts...

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