Friday, June 22, 2012


I woke up late. No big deal. It's not like I really had anywhere to be. I had ice cream for lunch. I played music for a while. I'm really digging my new Beatle bass. Best birthday present ever! The flat wound strings I ordered for it came. I stared at them for a little while, contemplated putting them on, but then decided against doing that just now. Then I thought about taking it into the Fretted Frog to have the nice guy there string it for me. But then I realized that costs money, and I can't really afford that sort of laziness at the moment. I made myself some Throat Coat and got out the guitar. I messed around with the new songs I'm writing, wished I was a better guitar player, then had a snack. Decided over my Larabar that the one song really needs piano.

When my sister was visiting a few weeks back, we went to a screen printing class and I made a pretty cool design to put on t-shirts for the band. The only problem is the little guy on the t-shirt looked like he had a Hitler mustache. So I fixed that with some Mod Podge. At least I hope I fixed it. I haven't done a test print yet. I washed dishes. I wasted some time on Facebook. Then I went to yoga class. It was pretty cool, except for when I got attacked by a spider. Ok, I didn't really get attacked by a spider. A spider came rather too near me for my liking, I brushed it away, then spent the rest of the class feeling uneasy about it whereabouts.

I came home and ate dinner: heirloom tomatoes and avocado over pea sprouts and leftover "wild cheese goat rice," as Jacob called it. I felt so mellow after my yoga class that it was kind of hard to convince myself that I really did have to go play a show, but somehow I pulled it together to make myself beautiful and get out the door. The show was a lot of fun. It was last minute, but there was a good group of Eastside characters in attendance. The Beatle bass performed admirably. We played our set, had a drink, and then I boogied before I had to sit through any more of the last act. Sorry girl, I wanted to like you, but it's after midnight and I got yoga in the morning.

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