Sunday, June 24, 2012


I worked again. Same movie: Lucky Stiff. This time we shot at the Doheny Mansion near USC. It took me a breathtakingly short time to get there. It's a pretty sweet house. Apparently nuns live upstairs.

That's my pal, Matt Brewer, in the foreground, also taking a picture with his phone.

We were doing a Monte Carlo casino scene, mid-70s. It was a lot of work, but it was fun to see all the costumes. I would have worn a fair few of the ladies' dresses myself. 

Trouble is, when you have an 11:00 call, that means you don't get out until 11 pm or so. So my Saturday plans to go play volleyball at the beach, then go celebrate my friend Nick's 30th birthday were kind of dashed. But a girl has to make a living, I suppose. On my way home around 11:30, I considered trying to make it out, but I realized it was a lost cause. I am terribly old, after all.

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