Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/27/12 - Taco domination

I woke up later than I meant to. Shocker. I made breakfast for Alex and myself using pretty much all 4 things in his refrigerator. Grating baby potatoes was sort of a hassle, but the resulting mess of crispy potato, aged gouda, rosemary, and whole grain mustard was close to divine. Thus fortified, I took off to take care of my ailing instrument. I figured I'd take the old girl into The Fretted Frog and get her restrung. No big deal. Luckily I checked their website because damned if they aren't closed from June 26th to July 9th! Curses! On the flip side, I guess that took an errand off my plate. Great, now I have more time to spend on the computer. Puke. Actually, I did some useful things online yesterday, for a change. Boring but important stuff like linking the band's website with our Twitter page and messing with our widgets. Heck, while I'm at it, I might as well add a link the website here:

I wrote a couple of Yelp reviews. They're here in if you're interested:

I've recently come into a wealth of apricots, courtesy of Rebeccas Asher and Lowman, so I browsed around for some delicious things to do with them. I think I may have found some good options. I was sort of hoping to avoid having to make pie crust, but I might just suck it up. I'll let you know what I settle on.

I also came across an event that looks really fun. The Skirball Center is having an event on July 13th called Into the Night: Playtime. Sea Wolf and Geographer are playing, plus a "once-a-year chance to roam the campus after dark, also enjoy a museum-wide scavenger hunt, non-kiddie crafts with Julianna Parr of CraftNight at Akbar, balloon art and strolling puppets, screenings of famed director Jacques Tati’s comedic masterwork Play Time, card and board games—including over-sized Jenga and checkers!— outdoor hula hooping, experimental arcade games from UCLA’s Game Lab, plus a cash bar featuring specialty cocktails."

Doesn't that sound like fun?

I decided to forego the Barnsdall Park farmer's market, since I already had a wealth of stone fruit, so I fooled around on the bass and played a little guitar until it was time to go to yoga class. I love Yoga at The Raven. It's such a nice space, and Tony is the nicest guy. I walked to Trader Joe's, and got some essentials (and some non-essentials), and made my way home.

Now, I'm a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself, but sometimes I really knock it out of the park, and last night was one of those times. I had a taste for sauerkraut and tacos...and a few odds and ends in the fridge that needed using. So I set about it. It took about an hour, but I made the most delicious tacos in recent memory.

Blue corn tortillas, wild rice, spicy canellini beans, homemade sauteed sauerkraut with cumin seeds, salsa with heirloom tomato and shredded carrot, topped with avocado, four pepper goat cheese, and roasted pepitas. Bam. This is why Alex loves me.

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