Thursday, July 12, 2012

7/11/12 - More rock'n'roll

I got up kind of early (for a bum), and went to yoga class - my last one in my Groupon. Serious sad face. I love going there so much. After yoga, I went by The Fretted Frog with both of my basses. You may recall a couple weeks ago that I broke brand new string on my brand new Hofner. Fortunately, I knew my local music store had the strings because a human being called and told me so. Unfortunately, for some reason they were closed for two weeks, so I couldn't get it taken care of until now. My Danelectro just needed some intonation adjustment. It's weird to have both instruments in the shop. It's not like I have a show in the next couple days, but it still makes me nervous. Like, what if there's some sort of bass emergency? I can't imagine what that would be, but you never know. You never know. Maybe it just feels weird to have that chair in my living room actually available for sitting in.

There she is! The bass, I mean.

I played some guitar and thought about vocal melodies for "Are You Really Gonna Be Mine," since we had studio time booked later. I looked into a couple of music licensing companies, then decided I better get a lawyer's opinion on the contract before agreeing, so I sent it to Anna. I'm still on a Spain kick, and I'm really in the mood to cook some Spanish food, so I looked around a bit for recipes. I think maybe I'll do a Spanish meal for my next cooking video.

I showered and did some vocal exercises (which I'm sure my neighbors really enjoyed). Then Rickett came over and we went to our recording session. We ended up doing a lot of mixing, comping my vocals, and figuring out the texture of the various guitar parts. Christian, who's studio we were using, was super nice and accommodating. And he has some really cool toys. Anyone ever play a Moog Taurus? Awesome!

After consuming about 1/2 a pound of almonds between us, we got down to recording back-up vocals. It didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked, but I think we ultimately got something good. We finally left around 12:30. Poor Rickett had to work early, but you know, that's rock'n'roll, baby. Sometimes you gotta go to work tired.

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