Sunday, July 22, 2012

7/20/12 - Life's a Beach

Not much to tell about Friday, other than I had a great time, once again, with my girl Becky, down in the South Bay. I went down around noon, and we rode bikes up to Hermosa, where there was a volleyball tournament, and coincidentally lots of tall muscular guys strolling around. We took a look around, but decided we shouldn't ogle on an empty stomach. We had tasty arugula and quinoa salads at American Junkie, which sounds more like a place to buy jeans than greens, but the salad was good. We resolved to come back during happy hour.

We went back to the volleyball tournament, where games were underway. We watched a couple of matches, but wearied of the guy who kept loudly swearing every time the other team scored. It just so happened to be after 3 by that point. Oh look, it's happy hour! So we went back to American Junkie and took full advantage of their $3 dollar well drinks. I think I had three vodka lemonades. And grilled corn with cotija cheese and chile powder. I love elote! We probably could have called it quits at three drinks, but where's the fun in that? Becky knows everybody at Silvio's, so we went there for 1/2 price caiproskas. A watermelon mint caiproska really hits the spot on a hot day. JT, the bartender, had the most amazing color eyes I've ever seen occur naturally. I kind of couldn't stop staring because he was such a curiosity. Is that rude? Probably. 

Silvio, the owner, was there hanging out with some pals, and he came over and complimented me on my tattoo. My first unsolicited tattoo commentary! He hooked us up with some free Silvio's beer coozies. Go us.

After 1 1/2 caiproskas we were well tipsy and the tournament was over, so we BUI'd (that's Biked Under the Influence) back to Becky's where we chatted about work and boys and dreams for the future until I was in a condition more suitable for driving back to LA.

Nothing's wrong when you're at the beach.

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