Monday, July 16, 2012

7/15/12 - Cleaning up

The unfortunate thing about making a wonderful dinner is that eventually you have to clean up after yourself. Usually I wait til the next morning, although it's always a nasty shock to sleepily stroll into a filthy kitchen when all you want is a cup of tea.


Luckily, I have an Alex. I patiently waited for him to sleep off his hangover, then I put him to work.

He did a beautiful job on what was truly a herculean task. He's the best. I made coffee and pan con tomate. And I dried.

After finishing the best coffee ever made, he skipped off somewhere, and I got dolled up to go to my friend April's bridal shower. 

The shower was absolutely lovely. April's sister, Allie, sure knows how to throw a good party. She made up a couple little games: April trivia bingo and "What's in April's Purse." I thought that was so cute and clever. My favorite part was that April wasn't sure about some of the answers to the bingo questions about her...well that, and the Babycakes cupcakes :)

I would have loved to go to Family Dinner, especially because it was the observance of Drew's 30th birthday, but alas, I have a cold. The last thing I want to do is get the baby or either of his tired parents sick, so I had to sit it out. Alex isn't afraid of my cooties though, so I went to his place, and we ate leftover Spanish cheese and Cantimpalo and watched "La Mala Educacion." It was a good movie, but whew, it earned its NC-17. I love Almodovar though. I feel like watching his movies is helping me learn Spanish. La buena educacion!

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