Saturday, July 7, 2012

7/5/12 - Post-independence

I woke up early for a change, most probably because I was sleeping on Becky's couch. While it was pretty comfortable as couches go, I was alternating between chills and hot flashes as my body attempted to metabolize the slightly excessive amounts of celebratory wine I consumed. I drifted in and out of sleep a little while longer. When my temperature felt stable, I got up and drove home. I had planned on doing something useful when I got home, but instead I slept for a couple more hours. Alex came over and we looked over my cooking show application, finally satisfied that it was finished. We shot a couple little pick-ups to the application video, though it was tough to convince me that I was in any condition to be photographed. I made myself an avocado and tomato sandwich that Alex attempted to steal from me. After a bit, Alex left, and I finally got motivated to do something. I made plum butter!
I've had these plums ripening in a paper bag on my counter, and I decided this was the day. So I blanched them to get the skin off.
Gorgeous, no?
I wanted it to just taste like plums, so I didn't add anything, but a little agave syrup. The result was a bit tart. It tastes good, the plums just weren't as ripe and sweet as I would have liked. Alas. I'll just have to try again. Maybe this afternoon...

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