Friday, July 13, 2012

7/12/12 - A Game-changer

The day started out ordinary. I listened to the mix of "Are You Really Gonna Be Mine" on my computer, then through my headphones, then through an external speaker. It sounded good except for my vocal performance. I could definitely do better. That was kind of bumming me out, and I was already feeling a bit low. But no time to dwell on these things. I had to get on the road to Fullerton.

What on Earth would I go there for? Well, my cousin, Ben, is coaching a soccer camp there, and since he can't really get off campus, I decided I'd just come to him. The drive wasn't bad. It was smooth sailing right up until the exit before on the 57. I listened to the song on repeat in the car. Definitely not digging my vocals. My mood started to take a nose dive. Fortunately, as I was waiting for Ben's group to break for lunch, I got a call for work! Now these things are nevercfor sure until you sign a deal memo, but I have a start date, and that makes me very happy! Game-changer! With my outlook much improved, I went on an unusual culinary adventure: a college dining hall. Cal State Fullerton calls their's The Gastronome. It was pretty decent. The salad bar was solid. There was green and Earl Grey tea available. The dessert station had a very tasty coconut pudding and some fully ripe plums. I noticed an impressive waffle station, and felt nostalgia for my days at William Paterson when I ate waffles for almost every meal, because everything else at Wayne Hall was gross.

It was wonderful to see Ben, and get a chance to catch up. We talked soccer, politics, music, movies, and chatted about his wedding plans. His will make my 4th wedding in Wisconsin in about as many years! We went into the dorm, and I met a couple of the other coaches. Then we took my car off res to a convenience store for Vitamin Water, Gatorade, and various other specialty beverages. It was about time for Ben to get back to the kids, so I headed back to LA.

I picked up my basses at The Fretted Frog. The fiscal damage was mitigated somewhat by the discovery of a lone flatwound G string that meant I didn't have to buy a whole new set. Fixing the intonation on my Danelectro proved to be a bigger job, and the bridge had to be modified, but my new pal Colin didn't charge me extra for it, bless him.

I was right next to the Edendale Library, so I decided to pop in and check out a couple of DVDs. You'll never guess what I got: "Volver" and "La Mala Educacion," both Almodovar films, both in Spanish. I'm on a kick, what can I say?

My friend, Bowling, is moving and getting rid of some stuff, so I took his microwave off his hands. I've been assured this microwave's dedicated popcorn button is perfectly calibrated. I'm sure it's better than my current model, which has a knob...and that's it. The trip was made even more worthwhile by this photo opportunity.

David poses in front of the Decepticon Ambulance

That was about it for the night. I was going to go to the KCRW thing at the Hammer Museum, but everyone I know has a "job," aka "somewhere to be at 7pm on a Thursday." It was (strangely) raining anyway, so I just went to Alex's and watched him make an omelet. I promise the next day will be more interesting.

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