Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/16/12 - Sick day

Even the unemployed take sick days. I felt like garbage, so I slept in, checked out another Almodovar film from the library, and stayed home in my pajamas all day. You're jealous. I know. Alex inspired me by example to make a physical travelogue/photo album/scrapbook of my trip to Spain, so I spent a long time printing pictures. Two thoughts on this: 1) I hate the connotation that "Scrapbook" has now that "scrapbooking" is an obnoxiously commercial pseudo-hobby. 2) I don't know if there's something wrong with my printer, or if digital cameras nowadays calibrate their color for computer screens, rather than prints. I printed tons of pictures, trying to edit, and I still only got through Barcelona. I also realized I didn't have a suitable book to bind it all up in.Well that just had to wait because I was not leaving the house.

In between all this printing, I came upon a recipe for peach gazpacho. The recipe itself didn't seem quite on the mark, but I very much like the prospect of peach gazpacho, so I'll be trying that just as soon as I get my hands on some good peaches. Yummers!

I did do something in the kitchen (besides the dishes). I got a wild hair to try making some almond milk, so I blanched some almonds and put them in some water to soak until the next day.

I spent some quality time with my Hofner. I'm so happy to have it back, fully strung and unbuzzing. The G-string is ever-so-slightly different in texture than the others, but that instrument is still just so beautifully easy to play. I feel like I'm really crystallizing the new song. I've been messing around with the piano part at Alex's over the last few days, and I'm really excited about what's coming together. I was messing around with the preset instrument sounds on his keyboard, and I've decided the song may need strings as well. I'm out of control, I know. I can't wait to record it!

My loafing was interrupted by Alex around 6:30. He was home from work and wanted me to come over for dinner (aka make dinner). I was really loathe to get out of my PJs, but I decided maybe it was worth it. We walked to Trader Joe's and got a couple things. We saw this on the way home.

Yikes! What do you think their circulation is like? Better than LA Times? I'm surprised "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" would choose to advertise with them. Seems a little controversial. Seriously though, I hope this sign isn't a harbinger of the second coming of the Son of Sam.

Safely back at Alex's, I made some GF pasta with leftover Cantimpalo and romesco sauce, plus some baby zucchini heirloom tomato.

It was pretty good, but the Cantimpalo and romesco together tasted a little like mustard. Meh, not bad for a quick and easy dinner. And it was a pretty good companion for "Los Abrazos Rotos," yet another Almodovar film. I love them.

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