Monday, July 9, 2012

7/8/12 - Success in the form of pluots and rock'n'roll

Overall, a pretty good Sunday. I got up early-ish with the intention of going to the Hollywood farmers' market to pursue my quest for plums, but I was just not feeling it. So I messed around at home for a little bit before yoga class. The Picture and the Frame had a recording session, but not til 3pm, and it was still up in the air at that point, due to a sick producer and some possible equipment issues. But I was still operating under the assumption that I would be singing into a microphone later, so when my throat mysteriously started hurting during yoga class, I was not best pleased. After class, I went to the Atwater Village farmers' market, which is nice, but boy does their parking situation suck. As I was circling the block for the second or third time, My friends Mark and Bree, crossed the street in front of me, and we had a pleasant 10 second chat. I am pleased to say that the AV market came through for me. I was despairing at the lack of ripe plums, when I came to the last booth, which had beautiful sweet pluots, and lots of 'em. Success!

On the way home I chatted with my mom for a bit. I can't wait to see her in a couple weeks. I hope the temperature on the East Coast goes down a little before I get there. I made myself 2(!) avocado and tomato sandwiches, and listened to a "Good Food" podcast while I took a shower. I listened to the episode where they talk to Jonathan Gold about Racion in Pasadena, and interview the author of the seminal cookbook on Catalan cuisine. It made me want to go back to Spain immediately.

Fortune smiled upon my little band yesterday, and we were able to record, so I hauled myself and my gear over to Lincoln Heights.

 The goal was to finish up tracking "Are You Really Gonna Be Mine." We almost got  there. We still have back-up vocals to record, but we got bass, multiple guitar parts, lead vocals, and hand claps in the can!

Mark helped us drink beer

Yes, that's tape!

Hand claps!

Finally, around 11, I made it to Alex's, where I finally got to see the audition video we made. I'm pleased to report that it is pretty darn good, and makes me look awesome. My boyfriend's the best!

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