Sunday, July 22, 2012

7/21/12 - A Birthday in Burbank

I went to yoga for the first time in a couple weeks. It was wonderful! But hot!

After that I went to the Silverlake farmers' market for peaches and tomatoes. I'm totes making that peach gazpacho before I leave for Virginia!

Then I went to the Edendale Library to feed my addiction to Spanish movies. The fun thing about the public library is that there's usually at least one homeless indigent hanging out outside, and yesterday was no exception. The fun thing about Echo Park is that I usually run into someone I know, and again, yesterday was no exception. I ran into none other than Geordie McElroy of  Blackwater Jukebox fame, and we chatted for a good while about music and related topics.

I went home for a bit to work on Sunken Ships material until my voice lesson. My upper register has been so f-ed up for the last couple weeks because of this lingering not-quite-sickness. It's super annoying. But Carla helped me work it out a bit. Next to my car, I found this:

Probably left by one of the homeless guys from the library. I'm pretty sure that's their personal motto.

Afterward, Alex came over, looking like he was going to a party on a yacht, and we had pie and coffee. Then we did something that will shock you: we went to Burbank, and not to shop at a chain store, we went there to hang out on a Saturday night! My friend Jason turned 30 yesterday, and his chosen venue was Burbank Bar and Grille. This makes sense. He's a red-blooded American. It was actually a lot of fun, and I took the opportunity to eat a sinfully cheesy plate of nachos. Then came the drama. Our waitress was confusing the bejesus out of us by demanding a credit card per 4 people, but not to pay the bill, just for security or something. I've never had to do that before. So we asked if we could just go ahead and pay. I don't even know how long this took because I left cash and bounced after a half hour. By this time the absurd cover band had taken the stage, and were playing disco hits with synchronized dance moves. It was just too much. Did I mention this place had a bathroom attendant? I can pump my own soap and get my own paper towels, thank you. I'm not tipping you for monopolizing them. Sorry.

That had should be a crime

Ah Burbank, I haven't missed you.

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