Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7/2/12 - Videography/Self-promotion

The big day! And by "the big day," I mean, "the day Alex shoots my audition tape for the cooking show." I washed my dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Then I realized I was hungry, but I spent the rest of the day trying not to make a mess in my clean kitchen. I did a bit of set dressing, mostly subtractive. ABC doesn't need to see my vitamin supplements. You know, reality, only better. I'm sure I ate something. Probably a Larabar for tidiness sake. Then I dressed the inside of my fridge, basically just making sure nothing looked gross. I cleaned the inside of my freezer. I worked on the application. I started to get antsy because I was expecting Alex at 1, but time kept ticking by and I wasn't sure what to do next. I picked out a dress and an apron that looked nice together, showered, put on a little make-up...twiddled my thumbs.

Alex showed up around 3, but it's not his fault. He procured a 5D to shoot the video (thanks again to Rebecca), and he showed up ready to rock. Shooting went pretty smoothly. At first, I admit, I got a little annoyed with my boyfriend/director because he kept telling me to talk louder, and I just couldn't do it without feeling like I was yelling. After a bit, I got into the groove, and it was actually really fun. I made the super tacos from the other night, and it was not just a fluke: they were, again, scrumtulescent.

We finished eating pretty much just in time for me to scoot off to my show at The Satellite. Sunken Ships this time. The other bands were really good. I highly recommend you check out The Steelwells. Terraplane Sun was great too. It's always a little tough to play the late slot. I tend to loose energy before we even get on, not to mention, by that point you've been shouting for a couple of hours. Still, it was a fun show, and a decent number of people stayed out late enough to see us. I hadn't intended to drink much, but I had 2 drink tickets I couldn't let go to waste, so I ended up staying until last call. At that point I was pretty darn sleepy. I find it increasingly difficult to stay up late these days. I knocked on Alex's door, and went to sleep, hoping my well gin and sodas didn't hang me over in the morning.

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