Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flashback! Fun with Fashion: Spain Edition

Writing the previous post about my trip to Spain made me quite nostalgic for the experience. I spent far longer than I intended looking through the photos from my trip and wishing I could go back yesterday. I am a good packer, I must say. I pack light and stylish, and this trip was no exception, only this time I had some specific style inspiration: "Volver," a film by Pedro Almodovar, starring Penelope Cruz. I love her wardrobe in this film, and how it fits in with the whole production design.

The color! The floral patterns! I pictured myself in this exuberant, easy glamour, like Penelope's character, only I don't have to cover up a murder. So I packed with this whimsical notion in mind.

I look like a total goon in this last one, but it's truly unfortunate how few photos there are of my without my coat or my sweater on. Sadly, the weather was not cooperating with my sartorial choices.  I think I did pretty well, but Sarah knocked it out of the park, and she wasn't even trying!

Some girls got it!

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